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Storage Awareness: Minimize the economic impact of your business applications

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Eight years ago my career collided with reality.  By way of serendipity–following an unplanned career change–I discovered I had been living the last decade in a product development bubble. Two thousand and two was the year I had transitioned from building information management systems to managing a small storage industry analyst firm.

Up until 2002 I thought, perhaps arrogantly, that I thoroughly understood information management. After all, I had spent countless hours helping companies of all types implement systems to manage their digital information assets. I had no idea how little I understood until I began to learn more about storage infrastructure. All those years I had worked with other developers to build different types of business applications (e.g. enterprise content management systems and digital classrooms) with little regard for the applications’ impact on storage, mostly because I was not aware of their actual impact on storage. After all, storage was someone else’s problem we reasoned–a “black box” in which we stored our data.  There was no reason for us to truly understand how it all worked as long as we had enough space for our applications and files, right? Our customers could simply install our applications and databases, fire them up and begin collecting, aggregating, managing, manipulating and saving gigabyte upon gigabyte of data to their hearts’ content…or so we thought.


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