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Setting Your Expectations

Data Mobility Group is no stranger to blogging. We launched our first blog in 2002 and eventually abandoned the effort due to differences of opinion about its value. We only recently decided to launch our new blog, The Saltworks, as an outlet for our opinions on noteworthy topics that we have not already covered in our research or our comments submitted to other industry blogs.

We will author new blog posts as time permits. Quite frankly, we have day jobs that consume enough of our time. The occasional post is fine, however, we have no desire to add daily blogging (and comment moderation) to the mix. What free time we do have outside the office we prefer to share with our families and friends.

Our writing, like our research, will cover a broad range of topics with special emphasis on the ways businesses can manage information to improve sales and marketing effectiveness while controlling operational costs.  We may not always be correct, but our educated opinions are backed by extensive real-world experience.  During our careers – which span 15-30+ years, we have developed, implemented, marketed, sold, managed and supported technology in just about every sector of the economy.

We hope you will find our opinions to be of value, and we invite you to send us an email with your comments.


Joe Martins
Managing Director
Data Mobility Group, LLC.

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